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Are you aware that veganism as a concept has struck deep roots and its appeal has spread far and wide? Based on the concept of non-violence and flesh-avoidance, veganism can be regarded as an extreme form of vegetarianism wherein no animal-based product for eating or clothing is accepted. In fact, you can get a lot of benefits by switching over to a vegan diet. Want to know about them? Then read our specific blog on the subject at Why should you go vegan – the key reasons?

Even though the vegan movement seems to have gained momentum in recent years, its origins are fairly ancient.

Is Veganism Of Ancient Origins?

Let Us Find Out

The concept of veganism originated in the ancient Indian and Mediterranean societies. The first mention of vegetarianism can be found in the writings of the Greek mathematician and philosopher, the Pythagoras of Samos in 500 BC. Around a similar epoch in India, Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavirastressed upon the importance of non-violence and compassion and followed vegetarianism.

The Journey Of Veganism

In The Modern Era

Donald Watson, a pacifist and animal rights activist is credited with pioneering the vegan movement in Europe. The movement began in November 1944 when 6 non-dairy vegetarians met to discuss veganism and the lifestyle and diets surrounding it. The people had one ideal in common – compassion for animals. Interestingly, the term ‘vegan’ came into existence when Donald Watson used it to describe vegetarian people who did not eat dairy or egg-based products.

In 1847, the first vegetarian society was formed in England. Thereafter, Reverend Sylvester Graham co-founded the Vegetarian Society in America in 1850 and his followers came to be known as Grahamites. They followed a virtuous lifestyle comprising attributes such as vegetarianism, abstinence, and temperance.

Veganism In Australia –

The Why And How Of It

Interestingly, Australia has emerged as a driving force for veganism. The country is poised to become the third-fastest growing vegan market globally as per Euromonitor. The growing fad for vegan food in Australia is expected to touch $215 million by 2020, a significant amount indeed. Also, as per the National Nutrition Survey, the estimated number of people going vegan in Australia is a whopping 500,000 or 2% of the population. Even though the numbers are modest as of now, the growing vegan movement and the rising awareness among people of its myriad health benefits, the numbers are only going to grow from here.

According to researchers, the interest in veganism in Australia has been majorly fuelled by concerns for the environment such as extreme heatwave caused by climate change. Importantly, the extreme weather phenomenon observed in Australia has been linked to the impact of livestock farming and the consumption of meat.

Veganism –

Why We Need It In The Future?

Exploiting natural resources to meet the demand for food is going to be unsustainable in the future. Livestock farming is inherently labour-intensive and adds to the degradation of land, water, and air. Its wider impact can be felt in terms of increased deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and more emission of greenhouse gases. In the future, the rising cost of meat production will make it unaffordable for most people and the only way to arrange food on the table for a vast multitude of people is by going vegan.

Staying away from meat and other animal products can prevent many diseases and keep you healthy. Remember, forest, environmental problems, and the human hunger for meat are destroying nature, and the only way to set the right path for mankind to survive let alone sustain in the future is by embracing veganism. The bottom line is to give back to nature rather than taking away and ensure the planet remains green, healthy, and sustainable. Do not be a contributor to the abuse, torture, maiming, and killing of hapless animals and then shrug it off by saying ‘you were not responsible for their fate’. Adopt veganism as a lifestyle choice and contribute your bit to saving the planet.

Vegan Garage –

Promoting Veganism In Australia

Today, veganism is seen as a healthy lifestyle choice to be followed and to reduce the carbon footprint. At Vegan Garage, we are deeply associated with all things vegan and promote veganism through a wide range of products such as fresh food, plant-based meat, yogurt and desserts, fresh juices, veganlicious smoothies, vegan coffees, household and pet products, and a food pantry. To get those quality products at pocket-friendly rates, visit

Our story


Being vegetarians by birth and adopting veganism in our diets, we struggled to find food on this trip, which made us think about finding out the number of vegan shops in Noth Brisbane.

After some research, we came to know that there are no dedicated vegan shops in North Brisbane that serve all types of vegan products in one place.

We had mixed opinions about taking the next step to address the above-mentioned issue. However, with passion, determination, and compassion, we decided to open the Grocery Store.

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The original idea behind Vegan Garage was to find a way to make nutritious products available for people who are passionate about having plant-based diets. There are so many people around us who want to eat vegan food and join the vegan movement, but they could not due to the non-availability of vegan products in their vicinity.

We are going to donate a part of our profits to the animal sanctuaries.

When you shop at Vegan Garage, you help us provide animal sanctuaries with resources for food and veterinary care.

The journey to get there was full of hard work, determination, and a heartfelt mission to share healing foods with people.

Furthermore, veganism continues to grow in demand across the world, with more people than ever choosing a plant-based diet.

The time to go vegan has never been better!

Vegan Garage is here to help you take a positive leap. We are devoted to providing a variety of plant-based and cruelty-free products for all your needs.

Veganism is the future, and we are dedicated to helping everyone move away from animal products with a mission to simplify the lives of all vegans out there.

With love from the Vegan Garage Family.